About jaTULI

Jatuli was formed in 2010 by designer Nina Jatuli. The idea of an own fashion label had been brewing in my mind for quite some time, but it was made concrete after my graduate collection from Aalto university in Helsinki. I design products from casual looks to evening wear, which was my original passion in fashion. When I was still a student, I became a freelance designer to a legendary Finnish jersey company Nanso and my interest with patterns and casual wear grew. All the sudden I started seeing people using my designs everywhere, at work, on free time and in bars. It was fascinating to be a part of peoples lives in a larger scale and this enthusiasm to create long lasting pieces that are used and cherished. I still get the giggles when I see people walking around in my designs and I hope that joy never fades.



I love prints. It has not always been so, far from it. As I mentioned I was an evening wear designer first and foremost in my studies. The first print I had to design in my freelance work was, to put it simply, extremely painful. But something twitched in my head in those agonizing hours of trying to make the rotation workable and repeat flowing seamlessly before the deadline. I have always had a great mathematical aptitude, and some how the precise calculations of the rotations were intriguing. I started to do more and more prints and suddenly I found myself in complete raptures with the flowing patterns.

I´ve always loved drawing so the print design was actually perfect for me. Now I love high contrasted patterns, bold graphical elements and hiding little secrets in my design that open up to the viewer one layer at the time. Hidden images and secondary reads can be found in many of my print design.