Viper Necklace

Viper Necklace


Wooden Viper necklace is inspired by Finnish symbolism and a Karelian tale of Smith Ilmarinen. The wooden part is 9 cm tall

Viper necklace is made from Finnish birch plywood. The material is printed and laser cut in Kallio district in Helsinki and assembly happens in our studio in down town in Helsinki. Metal is nickel free. The necklace is delivered in a stylish cardboard box.

Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray directly to your earrings, it might cause discolouration or surface damage. Store you jewellery away from direct sunlight, preferably in their delivery box.

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Viper kaulakoru on tyylikkäs statement kaulakoru jossa on kuvattuna kyykäärme. Viper kaulakoru on saanut inspiraationsa suomalaisesta symbolismistä sekä Kalevalaisesta tarinasta jossa seppä Ilmarinen kyntää kyisen pellon.

Korunpuuosan korkeus 9 cm