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Fringe madness!

I´ve been working on new fringe earrings, I bought (or was force sold :D) a box of bamboo threads by a fellow designer who decided to close her brand down. The box has remained untouched for 2 years, and now I finally decided to something with the threads, so here are the new babies!

Galactic abyss, part 1 of fall/winter 18 is here

We have finally gained the first batches of the “Galactic Abyss collection and shipped them out to our fantastic retailers, Puf design market in Turku and Kure in Oulu. In Helsinki you can find the collection from our home base here At Frank/ie in Annankatu. For my great surprise, my favorite has now been the green Cocoon dress, I´ve literally lived in it since I got it. The new printer &knit factory that Im using have an amazing quality in the fabric, it is super soft and comfy!